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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2019 Recognition of Human Actions Through Deep Neural Networks for Multimedia Systems Interaction Proceedings Vai
2018 Multi-modal Medical Image Registration by Local Affine Transformations Proceedings Vai
2018 Pedestrian Tracking in 360 Video by Virtual PTZ Cameras Proceedings Vai
2017 360 tracking using a virtual PTZ camera Proceedings Vai
2017 Hankelet-based action classification for motor intention recognition Articolo in rivista Vai
2017 Hop: Histogram of patterns for human action representation Proceedings Vai
2016 A Novel Time Series Kernel for Sequences Generated by LTI Systems Proceedings Vai
2016 Boosting Hankel matrices for face emotion recognition and pain detection Articolo in rivista Vai
2016 3D Skeleton-based Human Action Classification: a Survey Articolo in rivista Vai
2015 Hankelet-based dynamical systems modeling for 3D action recognition Articolo in rivista Vai
2015 Keyword Based Keyframe Extraction in Online Video Collections Proceedings Vai
2015 Gesture Modeling by Hanklet-based Hidden Markov Model Proceedings Vai
2015 Ensemble of Hankel matrices for face emotion recognition Proceedings Vai
2015 Dynamic Perception Map of Urban Area for Social Surveillance Proceedings Vai
2015 Using Hankel matrices for dynamics-based facial emotion recognition and pain detection Proceedings Vai
2014 Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Visual Saliency for Firearms Localization Proceedings Vai
2014 Palmprint principal lines extraction Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2014 Concurrent photo sequence organization Articolo in rivista Vai
2014 Video Object Recognition and Modeling by SIFT Matching Optimization Proceedings Vai
2013 Object Recognition and Modeling Using SIFT Features Proceedings Vai
2013 Mimicking biological mechanisms for sensory information fusion Articolo in rivista Vai
2013 Saliency Based Aesthetic Cut of Digital Images Proceedings Vai
2013 Toward an Integrated System for Surveillance and Behaviour Analysis of Groups and People Proceedings Vai
2013 A Decisional Multi-Agent Framework for Automatic Supply Chain Arrangement Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2013 An Automated Visual Inspection System for the Classification of the Phases of Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Proceedings Vai
2012 Extracting Touristic Information from Online Image Collections Proceedings Vai
2012 An on-line learning method for face association in personal photo collection Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 Path Modeling and Retrieval in Distributed Video Surveillance Databases Articolo in rivista Vai
2012 User Detection through Multi-Sensor Fusion in an AmI Scenario Proceedings Vai
2011 Automatic Generation of Subject-Based Image Transitions Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2011 A data association approach to detect and organize people in personal photo collections Articolo in rivista Vai
2011 A Multi-Agent Decision Support System for Dynamic Supply Chain Organization Proceedings Vai
2011 Entropy-based Localization of Textured Regions Proceedings Vai
2010 Mobile Interface for Content-Based Image Management Proceedings Vai
2010 Three-domain image representation for personal photo album management Proceedings Vai
2010 Automatic Image Representation and Clustering on Mobile Devices Articolo in rivista Vai
2010 A Conceptual Probabilistic Model for the Induction of Image Semantics Proceedings Vai
2010 A Data Association Algorithm for People Re-Identification in Photo Sequences Proceedings Vai
2009 Probabilistic Corner Detection for Facial Feature Extraction Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2009 A Combined Fuzzy and Probabilistic Data Descriptor for Distributed CBIR Proceedings Vai
2009 Object Matching in Distributed Video Surveillance Systems by LDA-Based Appearance Descriptors Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2009 Face Processing on Low-Power Devices Proceedings Vai
2009 Clustering techniques for personal photo album management Articolo in rivista Vai
2008 Real-time estimation of geometrical transformation between views in distributed smart-cameras systems Proceedings Vai
2008 Unsupervised Clustering in Personal Photo Collections Proceedings Vai
2008 Integrating computer vision techniques and wireless sensor networks in video surveillance systems Proceedings Vai
2008 A novel approach to personal photo album representation and management Proceedings Vai
2008 Real-time object detection in embedded video surveillance systems Proceedings Vai
2008 Mean shift clustering for personal photo album organization Proceedings Vai
2008 Enabling technologies on hybrid camera networks for behavioral analysis of unattended indoor environments and their surroundings Proceedings Vai
2007 Automatic image representation for content-based access to personal photo album Proceedings Vai
2007 Biologically Inspired Vision Architectures: a Software/Hardware Perspective Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2007 Multi-modal non-rigid registration of medical images based on mutual information maximization Proceedings Vai
2006 NURBS Modelling in Virtual Reality Proceedings Vai
2006 Towards a fully integrated CAD system in virtual reality environment Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2005 An Integrated Architecture for Surveillance and Monitoring in an Archaeological Site Proceedings Vai
2005 Improved color interpolation using discrete wavelet transform Proceedings Vai
2004 Method for classifying a digital image revetto Vai
2004 Extension of the Depth of Field using Multifocus Input Images Proceedings Vai
2004 3D Stereoscopic Image Pairs by Depth-Map Generation Proceedings Vai
2004 Fully Automatic, Real-Time Detection of Facial Gestures from Generic Video Proceedings Vai
2004 Method of obtaining a Depth Map from a digital Image revetto Vai
2004 Depth Map Generation by Image Classification Proceedings Vai
2004 Temporal segmentation of video data Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2003 A New Algorithm for Bit Rate Allocation in JPEG2000 Tile Encoding Proceedings Vai
2002 Population and query interface for a content-based video database Articolo in rivista Vai
2002 Restoration of out of focus images based on circle of confusion estimates Proceedings Vai
2001 Content based indexing of MPEG-4 video on relational DBMS Proceedings Vai
2001 Texture Classification for Content-Based Image Retrieval Proceedings Vai
2001 Mix and Match Features: Relevance Feedback and Combined Similarity Metrics Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2000 Using Temporal Texture for Content-Based Video Retrieval Articolo in rivista Vai
2000 Fast, Reliable Head Tracking under Varying Illumination: An Approach Based on Robust Registration of Texture-Mapped 3D Models Articolo in rivista Vai
1999 Fast Reliable Head Tracking under Varying Illumination Proceedings Vai
1999 Unifying Textual and Visual Cues for Content-Based Image Retrieval on the World Wide Web Articolo in rivista Vai
1999 Video Indexing Using MPEG Motion Compensation Vectors Proceedings Vai
1998 Combining Textual and Visual Cues for Content-Based Image Retrieval on the World Wide Web Proceedings Vai
1998 Head Tracking via Robust Registration in Texture Map Images Proceedings Vai
1998 Distributed Image Databases: Hybrid Similarity Functions Proceedings Vai
1997 Image Digestion and Relevance Feedback in the ImageRover WWW Search Engine Proceedings Vai
1997 Automatic Video database Indexing and Retrieval Articolo in rivista Vai
1997 ImageRover: A Content-Based Image Browser for the World Wide Web Proceedings Vai
1996 Content Based Indexing of Image and Video Databases by Global and Shape Features Proceedings Vai
1996 Motion and Color Based Video Indexing and Retrieval Proceedings Vai
1996 Multifeature Image and Video Content-Based storage and retrieval Proceedings Vai
1996 JACOB: Just A COntent Based query system for video databases Proceedings Vai
1996 Video Indexing using Optical Flow Field Proceedings Vai